Claudia Krisniski, owner of Countrywool, will be leading a weekend long “learn to knit” retreat at The Croff House.  For over 35 years Claudia has been teaching the facets of the fiber arts to the young, the old and everyone in between, both women and men.  Her knitting patterns and spinning techniques are published in “Knitting for Peace”and “Knitters Stash”.  In 2008 she published “Knitter’s Stretch” which discusses achieving muscle balance after hours of fiber work.  Additionally, Claudia teaches at knitting and spinning retreats throughout the Northeast as well as at her shop, Countrywool.

Knitting is great hobby.  It’s portable and light – goes anywhere.  With all the wonderful (and free) patterns available there’s no end to the things you can create for adults, kids and even babies.

On both Saturday and Sunday mornings the session begins at 10:00 and ends at 3:00 with an included break for lunch at the inn.

Participants will be provided with “kits” containing all the materials and tools needed including yarn, needles, pattern to create a wonderful scarf (left) compliments of The Croff House.

You will learn how to “cast on” and practice simple “knit” and “purl” stitches, the basic stitches in knitting.  As your scarf takes shape you’ll learn various techniques and stitch types like stockinette stitch, rib stitching and even cabling.  All in one scarf!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a righty or a lefty.  Everyone can learn how to knit.  Claudia is the perfect person to teach you.

NOTE:  The weekend is reserved for the retreat.  At least one guest per reservation must be participating.  Each guest will receive a follow-up email after they have made their reservation confirming their participation in the event.

Valid on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 through Monday, January 6, 2020