The Croff House is an eco-friendly inn. We have taken steps to follow eco-friendly practices throughout all areas of the Inn.

What makes The Croff House an eco-friendly inn?

  • We recycle all bottles, cans and packaging therefore less goes in our landfills
  • Bath linens are replaced every other day.  This results in reducing the reducing our water and detergent use.
  • Because our laundry is cleaned in-house using high-efficiency machines we use less detergent and energy;
  • Since our toilets only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush (40% less than traditional unites) they, too, are eco-friendly
  • Most importantly, the Inn is maintained using eco-friendly cleaning products from Seventh Generation and Method
  • Our eco-friendly high-efficiency lighting throughout the House reduces our energy usage
  • The Inn’s electricity is provided by an eco-friendly energy company which uses alternative generation sources such as wind and solar;

As an eco-friendly inn we want to do our part to help protect our natural resources.