Before talking about the progress on the renovations, it is very exciting to announce that The Croff House website now has the Inn’s room availability/booking engine online.  This is great because right now The Croff House is the only B&B in the city of Hudson to offer online reservations – and we’re not even open yet!

Progress on the renovations continues at a fast pace.  Gary, our electrician, feels his work will be ready for inspection by Christmas.  Tom, our plumber, and his team are also moving forward quickly.  The first two parts of the plumbing aspect, removal of the old pipes  and the installation of the new, is essentially complete.  Now the hot and cold water lines will be run to each guest bathroom and the installation of the “on-demand” hot water system begins.  Then the system gets inspected and, assuming The Croff House passes inspection, the walls are “closed up” and the finishing work begins.

We have a great team of tiling, insulation, and finish carpentry experts at the ready once both the electrical and plumbing inspections are completed.  We have selected all of the bathroom tile and are happy to report that all of the bathroom fixtures have arrived and are awaiting installation.

So progress continues.