Where’d the Summer go?


It’s Labor Day.  The unofficial end of summer is here and we’re trying to think

what we did this summer.  Besides it being hot (sometimes unbearably so!) the days seemed to fly by due in large part to Delphina, our former Assistant who we promoted to full-time Innkeeper.  Delphina has taken over full time responsibility for the day to day operation of the inn.  She loves the new duties which also include growing fresh tomatoes and herbs in the garden we dedicated for her use at the side of the inn.  With it she’s been able to experiment with new muffin recipes. Parmesan Pesto and Cherry Sage are personal favorites.  Additionally her signature entree, Eggs Benedict Casserole, features a side of pan roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary and thyme.

applesNow, however, we look forward to Autumn.   Cooler days and nights, the changing of the leaves, shorter days and apples, apples, apples!  The Hudson Valley is home to one of the country’s largest harvests of apples of every variety.   It’s no wonder we use them in our fall menu’s.  A guest favorite is Poached Apples served over Vanilla Greek Yogurt and topped with a homemade Butterscotch Crunch topping.  Fresh made Allspice Apple Butter Muffins are made even better since we make the apple butter right at The Croff House.

Autumn is also the time when thoughts turn to the holidays.  As usual The Croff House will be decked out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year the Hudson Business Coalition will be coordinating the Second Annual “Holiday House Tour” on Sunday, December 9.  During the inaugural event last year we welcomed over 150 visitors to the inn and, as the event’s popularity grows we look to see more folks enjoying the beauty of the season.  More details to follow.  Before you know it strains of “Auld Lang Syne” will be sung and glasses raised to 2019.

But for now it’s ok to ask “where’d the summer go?”.  Don’t forget to book your Fall getaway at The Croff House.  Click here for rates and availability.

The Measuring Stick (or Wick)

IMG_0856 As an Innkeeper, we have many different ways to measure how busy we’ve been.  Obviously, we all have access to “the numbers” which we look at frequently….revenue reports, occupancy reports, year over year changes, etc.

But we also have more creative and clever ways of measuring.  For some innkeepers, it’s the number of loads of laundry they’ve done.  For others, it’s how many dozen of eggs they’ve gone thru since the year began.  And some innkeepers actually track trips to the grocery store!

But for me, it’s candles.

For those of you who have yet to enjoy a visit to The Croff House, let me begin by saying we provide a homemade scented soy candle in your room during nightly turn-down on your first night stay with us.  We encourage guests to use the candle while at The Inn and to take it home with them to remind them of the (hopefully) wonderful visit that they’ve had at The Croff House.

Generally, I make candles once a quarter, making three different scents for that season.  During our peak seasons, I will double each of those batches to insure that we have enough candles until the new season arrives.  However, on occasions, I’ve had to go back and make a fourth batch because we’ve been so busy.  But never have I had to make a fifth batch…until this summer.

Thanks to your great support and visits, we’re happy to announce of first ever “Fifth Batch” candle event.  A special batch of Lemon Verbena candles just wrapped up, ready to make our guests happy during the remaining summer months.  We hope you’ll enjoy them.

But if you can’t make it up in the near future, fear not!  I’ll be starting work on the Fall scented candles here in the next several weeks.  Maybe then I’ll hit a “Sixth Batch”.