IMG_0856 As an Innkeeper, we have many different ways to measure how busy we’ve been.  Obviously, we all have access to “the numbers” which we look at frequently….revenue reports, occupancy reports, year over year changes, etc.

But we also have more creative and clever ways of measuring.  For some innkeepers, it’s the number of loads of laundry they’ve done.  For others, it’s how many dozen of eggs they’ve gone thru since the year began.  And some innkeepers actually track trips to the grocery store!

But for me, it’s candles.

For those of you who have yet to enjoy a visit to The Croff House, let me begin by saying we provide a homemade scented soy candle in your room during nightly turn-down on your first night stay with us.  We encourage guests to use the candle while at The Inn and to take it home with them to remind them of the (hopefully) wonderful visit that they’ve had at The Croff House.

Generally, I make candles once a quarter, making three different scents for that season.  During our peak seasons, I will double each of those batches to insure that we have enough candles until the new season arrives.  However, on occasions, I’ve had to go back and make a fourth batch because we’ve been so busy.  But never have I had to make a fifth batch…until this summer.

Thanks to your great support and visits, we’re happy to announce of first ever “Fifth Batch” candle event.  A special batch of Lemon Verbena candles just wrapped up, ready to make our guests happy during the remaining summer months.  We hope you’ll enjoy them.

But if you can’t make it up in the near future, fear not!  I’ll be starting work on the Fall scented candles here in the next several weeks.  Maybe then I’ll hit a “Sixth Batch”.