Progress continues

Before talking about the progress on the renovations, it is very exciting to announce that The Croff House website now has the Inn’s room availability/booking engine online.  This is great because right now The Croff House is the only B&B in the city of Hudson to offer online reservations – and we’re not even open yet!

Progress on the renovations continues at a fast pace.  Gary, our electrician, feels his work will be ready for inspection by Christmas.  Tom, our plumber, and his team are also moving forward quickly.  The first two parts of the plumbing aspect, removal of the old pipes  and the installation of the new, is essentially complete.  Now the hot and cold water lines will be run to each guest bathroom and the installation of the “on-demand” hot water system begins.  Then the system gets inspected and, assuming The Croff House passes inspection, the walls are “closed up” and the finishing work begins.

We have a great team of tiling, insulation, and finish carpentry experts at the ready once both the electrical and plumbing inspections are completed.  We have selected all of the bathroom tile and are happy to report that all of the bathroom fixtures have arrived and are awaiting installation.

So progress continues.

All About the Bathrooms

This past weekend we purchased most of the bathroom fixtures for all of the bathrooms, including five spa shower “towers” which include a shower head and multiple body sprays, much more than just a traditional showerhead.  These showers will be a fantastic amenity which we hope our guests will enjoy.  Additionally, the soaking tub for the Esselstyn bath arrived this week.  At sixty seven inches long, it offers a wonderful space in which to luxuriate with our aromatherapy bath products.  We are in the final stages of selecting the glass enclosures and tile design for the showers.  Each bathroom is designed to best meet the unique qualities of the space including decorative tile and flooring, fixturing, artwork and window treatments.  Our intent is that the bath is not simply a room, but an inviting and integral part of the guest room.

The Edmonds Room


Our first guest room begins to take shape.  The framing of the entrance wall/shower wall was completed, including the room’s hall closet.  Thanks to the renovation the room boasts a new 14 foot vaulted ceiling, giving the room more space and light.  The Edmonds Room, named after John Worth Edmonds, a prominent New York judge in the 1800’s, is the only room located on the first floor and offers a queen-sized bed, comfortable seating, ample closet space and lovely views of the rear garden.  The bathroom features a walk-in shower and backlit stained glass window that welcomes guests as they enter the room.  The Edmonds Room is a very warm and welcoming space.

A Garden Reborn!

After six weeks of concentrated effort, the gardens outside the house are finally starting to get back into shape and are coming back to life. The process began with the removal of the two Catalpa trees in the front that were replaced with two new Autumn Red Maples (matching the other trees along Willard Place).  Massive weeding and trimming back revealed a number of beautiful rose bushes, iris and peonies, all of which are thriving with the renewed attention.  New stone work throughout the front yard provide better access, shape and definition to the front gardens, including resetting the front curb and widening the sidewalk to the front door.  Existing day lillies were replanted to accent the new walk, while peony bushes were divided and transplanted throughout the front and back.

 A new arbor has been installed to give the existing trumpet vines support and will probably be well grown over by next summer.  A new cast iron lamppost provides a warm welcome to our guests while low voltage lighting illuminates the front walkway, our (soon-to-be installed) street sign and other landscaped elements.  The existing back yard fence has been relocated, reset and reworked to include a new side gate and new “main” gate for easy entry to the back.  Finally new trees and flowering shrubs have been planted in the back gardens so that their spring blooms are well timed for our Grand opening.

Now it’s onto bulbs!!!

Demolition Complete!

Today marks the first day of construction, starting with the Traver and Peck bathrooms on the second floor, each being about 45 square feet.  Both will feature glass enclosed showers with multi-head shower systems and custom tiled walls.  As with all bathrooms in The Croff House these will offer our premium aromatherapy bath products, plush cotton/bamboo towels and robes and guest amenities.  Once the work in these bathrooms is complete our plumber and electrician will begin the installation of the bath fixtures and lighting.  Construction will continue on the second floor in the Chase Suite and Esselstyn Suite bathrooms.  Both larger at 91 and 66 square feet respectively, these bathrooms will feature larger showers and spacious soaking tubs.  We expect construction to continue for the next several months.

Demolition Begins!

Demolition began on the first floor with the expansion of the bathroom in Edmonds, the only bedroom on the first floor. In addition the area where the powder room will be located was also gutted, and the removal of the old radiators, radiator covers and bookshelves also began. More extensive demolition is needed on the second floor as one bathroom is added (Chase – one of two suites), one bathroom is expanded (Esselstyn – the other suite), and 2 bathrooms are reconfigured (Peck and Traver). Once the demolition is complete, which we expect to last until the end of October, we can begin work on the interior of The House starting with the installation of a heating and air-conditioning system.

The Croff House – The Beginning

The Croff House is the newest Bed and Breakfast in Hudson, New York. The House was originally the home of Hermann Esselstyn (pronounced essel-stin), a prominent lawyer in Hudson during the 1870s and was designed by G.B. Croff, from whom The Croff House gets its name. The house originally had three floors, but the third floor was destroyed by a fire many years ago. Renovations began October 6, 2008 and are planned to continue until March, 2009. The Croff House Bed and Breakfast is scheduled to welcome guests in April 2009. We will be posting updates regularly, so check back often.