New Amenity: Electric Vehicle Charging Station

TCH Charging station

The Croff House newly installed charging station

If you have an electric car and are staying at The Croff House we are pleased to offer a new amenity: electric vehicle charging station!  In preparation for our welcoming a new Nissan Leaf we have installed an electric vehicle charging station.  Most of our guests are aware that we believe very strongly in protecting our environment.  The Inn has been a member of the Trip Advisor Green Leaders program since it was initiated 5 years ago, and our recycling and water-use reduction efforts are an important part of The Croff House mission.

As individuals take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, automakers have made great strides in advanced electric vehicle development.  Elon Musk of Tesla is a pioneer in the field, but most people found the cars being offered were way out of their price range.  As the technology for electric batteries has evolved, as most technology does, hybrid cars (a combination of gas and electric) became affordable for many.  SMART car launched an affordable “mini” all-electric car, but the range (the distance the vehicle could travel before needing to be recharged) meant that the car was only usable for shorter trips.  Our 2018 Leaf is able to travel 155 miles before needing a charge, up from 75 miles for the 2017 model – doubling the range.

Our 2018 Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicle

Gas versus electric: to fill a tank on a car similar to the Leaf would cost approximately $15.  The cost to fully charge the battery on the Leaf will be about $4.  So helping protect the environment and saving money at the same time just makes sense.

We’re very excited to be able to offer this new amenity to our guests.  So the next time you’re up in Hudson bring an electric car and….CHARGE IT!

Thanks Hudson Valley Magazine – “Forget AirBnB…”

“Forget Airbnb, these eight homes away from home are the real deal — with a real meal.”

Thanks Hudson Valley Magazine for the fantastic piece on The Croff House in the July 2017 edition, one of 8 Bed and Breakfasts in the Hudson Valley worthy of note not only for the inn’s splendid architecture but for the equally splendid breakfasts as well.  The article highlights the many features that make a stay at the inn memorable.  Visitors to Hudson have a wonderful selection of bed and breakfasts from which to choose, all of them unique in their own special way.  Now, with the continued growth of AirBnB, legitimate properties like ours are under further pressure to differentiate themselves to the traveling public.  Almost all, if not all, AirBnB properties only provide lodging and minimal, if any, interaction with either the owner or a manager.  Certainly no breakfast is provided, and guests choosing to stay at one of these properties may be under the impression that the low price tag still provides them with the same amenities and personalized service they might receive at a real bed and breakfast.  This article demonstrates all that our guests receive when booking a stay at The Croff House – from our beds and guest room amenities, to common rooms, to our three-course freshly prepared breakfast.

So as the article points out staying at The Croff House is “the real deal”  – don’t be fooled by cheaper imitators!

It’s Apple Time!

It’s that time of year again when we bid adieu to Summer, which brought us great weather, great guests and LOTS of tomatoes!  Fall, however, brings cooler temperatures – save for the odd “Indian Summer” we may experience – beautiful foliage, long sleeves, and, yes, apples.  However, the apples we’re talking about aren’t the red or green variety.  We’re talking about the Apples that are black and square: AppleTV.  The Croff House is pleased and excited to announce that we have upgraded all of our original AppleTV’s (the “first generation”) with new, more advanced AppleTV’s (the “second generation”), thus providing our guests with a whole host of channels not previously available.


AppleTV second generation

Currently The Croff House provides DirecTV complimentary in all guest rooms/suites.  While 100’s of channels are available, premium content – such as HBO, Showtime and more – was not.  Until now.

So what’s so exciting about the new AppleTV?  The new AppleTV’s will provide access to an outstanding array of movies, news, music and international programming, thereby significantly increasing the content available to guests.  Channels such as HBO, Netflix, Vimeo, Hulu, WatchESPN, all major US and international news agencies, and more can be accessed with the push of a button.  Guests will be able to access their own accounts for any of the subscription channels directly from their AppleTV.  In addition to being able to access content through the AppleTV, guests will also have the ability to access content from their iOS devices through Apple’s AirPlay.

To find out more about what the AppleTV can do click here.

The upgrade to the new generation of AppleTV reflects our commitment to providing guests of The Croff House with everything they need for a memorable visit and an exceptional experience.

The Measuring Stick (or Wick)

IMG_0856 As an Innkeeper, we have many different ways to measure how busy we’ve been.  Obviously, we all have access to “the numbers” which we look at frequently….revenue reports, occupancy reports, year over year changes, etc.

But we also have more creative and clever ways of measuring.  For some innkeepers, it’s the number of loads of laundry they’ve done.  For others, it’s how many dozen of eggs they’ve gone thru since the year began.  And some innkeepers actually track trips to the grocery store!

But for me, it’s candles.

For those of you who have yet to enjoy a visit to The Croff House, let me begin by saying we provide a homemade scented soy candle in your room during nightly turn-down on your first night stay with us.  We encourage guests to use the candle while at The Inn and to take it home with them to remind them of the (hopefully) wonderful visit that they’ve had at The Croff House.

Generally, I make candles once a quarter, making three different scents for that season.  During our peak seasons, I will double each of those batches to insure that we have enough candles until the new season arrives.  However, on occasions, I’ve had to go back and make a fourth batch because we’ve been so busy.  But never have I had to make a fifth batch…until this summer.

Thanks to your great support and visits, we’re happy to announce of first ever “Fifth Batch” candle event.  A special batch of Lemon Verbena candles just wrapped up, ready to make our guests happy during the remaining summer months.  We hope you’ll enjoy them.

But if you can’t make it up in the near future, fear not!  I’ll be starting work on the Fall scented candles here in the next several weeks.  Maybe then I’ll hit a “Sixth Batch”.