deep cleaning

Deep cleaning of The Croff House takes place every Spring.  Due to CoVid we postponed it until we were ready to welcome guests back.

That time is now!

The Croff House is re-opening June 1 and just prior to that we will undertake the task of deep cleaning.  What’s involved?  Read on.

Starting with the guest bedrooms: the bathroom, although already clean, is re-cleaned.  All baseboards and surfaces are wiped down with anti-bacterial wash including under the sinks, tubs and toilets.   All glass is re-cleaned including light fixtures, mirrors and doors.  Ladders help us get to hard to reach surfaces including the tops of window molding and bathroom vents.  In the room the bed is stripped and the mattress and boxspring removed to access under the bed and behind the headboard.  All drapery, bed and bath linens are washed.  Wood is polished throughout, including ceiling fan blades.  Everything is dusted, vacuumed and mopped.

All public areas are cleaned to the same high standard with everything being wiped down including the tops of door moldings.  All furniture is moved to clean underneath.  Windows are cleaned and drapery washed.  All wood is polished.  Any touchup painting is also done.  In addition this year we will be spraying all porous surfaces throughout the property with Lysol.

In our outside areas the front and rear porches and patio are power washed and all tables and chairs wiped down.

Deep cleaning takes a few days.  This year we want to make sure to spend extra time so the Inn really sparkles.