Do you remember when you were in school and were assigned a summer project?  Sometimes it was reading.  Sometimes it was making something.  Sometimes it was simply keeping a journal  with the intent of writing a “What I Did This Summer” essay when school was back in session.

We have our summer project, too.  To tell the truth it’s really been our Winter/Spring/Summer Project.  And, yes, will definitely go into the Fall.  What is it?  The Barlow, the Hudson Valley’s newest boutique hotel.  After our first guests arrived we still had issues to deal with, the primary one being the central air conditioning system.  But as we take a step forward each day we learn something new.

We also take what we have learned over the past 4 1/2 years running The Croff House and apply it to running The Barlow.

Another of our focuses was making sure that in putting so much effort in to getting The Barlow up and running (including hiring and training the staff, designing the layout, purchasing the furniture and artwork, and on and on) we didn’t want our guests at the inn to be neglected.  It was a real balancing act, requiring all our energy to make it happen.  It was a little tough yet we tried to manage it all with the same level of dedication we have always put into The Croff House.

Through it all Summer in Hudson is full of cultural, culinary and artistic events:  Helskinki Hudson ( continue their tradition of presenting top talent in their amazing space including the series Helsinki on Broadway, which offers top Broadway talent in an intimate cabaret setting.  Stageworks Hudson’s (  Summer Series draws loyal audiences to the terrific shows that are usually sold out months in advance.  The Hudson Music Festival once again is taking place in August.  Basilica Hudson ( begins a new independent film series this year which is already receiving a lot of local and regional press.

Now, half way through summer, we find ourselves looking towards both the Fall and 2014, and realizing our focus now needs to turn to a full on marketing effort: social media, email communications, development of our website content at both properties, and – most importantly – search engine optimization.  So as we continue to swelter in our 2nd week of over 90 degree heat and humidity we know this “summer project” is far from over.