As many people know winter is our slower season at The Croff House.  While it means we don’t have the abundance of guests that we normally welcome during the rest of the year it doesn’t mean that our work stops.  On the contrary we do our best to complete those projects we normally would address during the rest of the year but which would otherwise disturb our guests.  One such project is the repairing, refinishing and recarpeting of the main staircase.

The main staircase being repaired

The repairing involves shoring up each stair tread to reduce the old house “creaking” as guests walk up and down the stairs.  This sound has become more prominent over the last few years and, while the sound maybe somewhat charming, we don’t want it to create too much noise.  Once repaired the stairs may make some sound but dramatically less.  Additionally the  repairs will also address the “give” on some of the treads, making the stairs more sturdy.

The refinishing involves the sanding, stripping and staining of the treads and the painting of the risers (the front portion of each step).  The refinished treads (the top of each step) will be stained to match the floors and the risers will be painted black to match the underside staircase wall.

We aren’t sure when the stair carpeting was installed but the pile is crushed and there are various and sundry minor stains (including “oops” during the painting of the inn).  So it’s time to replace it.  Working with a local carpeting store we’ve selected a burgundy runner that both contrast nicely with the new finish on the staircase and work well with the existing color scheme of the hallways.

The project should be completed by the end of February and will hopefully create a wonderful first impression for our guests.