During the Spring months we look ahead to our “busy season” with excitement and just a bit of anxiety, sort of like a runner at the starting line.  Then the gun goes off and the craziness begins.  Now don’t get me wrong, that’s what we got into innkeepeing for: welcoming hundreds of guests both new and old and helping them discover all that Hudson and Columbia County have to offer.  The energy we derive from running the inn comes directly from our guests.  If they are having a good time, so are we.  If there is a problem it’s ours to solve.  If they have a question, it’s ours to answer.

Each morning we never know what feedback lays in store: How was dinner?  What did you do yesterday?  What’s on the agenda today?  Days go by.  Guests check in.  Guests check out.  Then we do it all over again.  Not having the time to experience all there is to do and see in town and the county we very frequently rely on our guests to tell us what discoveries are out there to pass on to the next visitor.  Time marches on.  Wedding celebrations take over the whole town.  Annual events mark the progression of Summer: Flag Day, Hudson Pride, Fourth of July, Hudson’s Waterfront Music Festival, Labor Day weekend, and HOH’s Harvest Ball.

Then Fall Foliage arrives.  Scores of guests want to know “how are the leaves?” or “when’s the best time to come up?”.  Each year the answer varies.  This year wasn’t so great – lots of rain, temperatures up – then down, then more rain.  Nothing we can control, and guests still have a good time.  Halloween looms on the horizon and with it the proverbial finish line (although we never really finish – just slow down a little).  ”Winterwalk”,  Hudson’s kickoff to the holidays held the first Saturday in December, brings thousands of visitors in from all over.  A slice of Americana this annual event marks an important point in the town’s cultural calendar – the beginning of a sort of semi-hibernation, but like us at the inn, things never truly end just the pace eases up.  Then the New Year arrives and with it the prospect of what is in store.

Before we know it we’re at the starting line again.  Right after that the gun goes off and we’re back at it.