Whether you love social media or think it is the future of the downfall of our society it is here to stay.

People are using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate their every move.  Personally that seems like overkill.  Do you REALLY need (or want to know what I’m buying at the grocery store?).  The more these sites offer new applications for both individuals and businesses the more people will use them, and not just to stay in touch with long lost friends either.  As innkeepers we realize the direction and role social media is currently playing and will continue to play in the peoples’ daily lives.  Our focus, however, is to use one site and use it well to communicate only information that we believe is relevant to our guests and that site is Facebook.

What’s more we want our Facebook page to be “usable”.  In other words when you “like” us on Facebook not only will you find important information such as last minute deals and seasonal specials but also new recipe finds and information about what’s coming up on the Hudson cultural calendar and the latest news on new restaurant openings and reviews.  Our newest feature, our Property Info. tab, will allow fans to find out more about the inn, view our rooms, and book directly from our Facebook page through our online booking engine.  For us it’s very exciting – another way for us to attract more guests to Hudson and The Croff House.

So as technology continues to evolve and social media plays its role therein we hope to be able to continue to adapt with it to provide our Facebook fans with an interface that is both up-to-date and relevant to them.