So many guests have asked us for recipes, and just as many have asked us if we have or will have a cookbook for sale.  Our answer has been “we’re working on it”.

Now we weren’t trying to be evasive, but several questions arose when considering creating and compiling recipes for a cookbook: How many recipes should be included? What hints/tips would be most helpful?  What software is best for creating the cookbook? and so on.  Well, we’ve answered as many of the questions and gotten to the final stage of preparation to have the book printed.

We should start by saying that the book will include about 28 recipes covering everything from fruit and baked goods to entrees and cookies.  As a guest suggested maybe a more apt description would be a cookbook-let.  Whatever it’s called the recipes are the ones for which we have received the greatest positive feedback and/or guest requests.  While not the biggest cookbook ever printed we hope it will be user-friendly and reliable.  We’ll be announcing the book’s availability on our Facebook page, so if you haven’t liked The Croff House now is the time to do it.