A tree in the front yard iced over.

So the day after we got almost six inches of snow we got an ice storm.  It started in the late morning and continued throughout the day, slowly building up to cover everything in 1/2′ of ice.  Not only was this treacherous to walk on, it also created the danger of power outages (which thankfully didn’t happen!).  When all was said and done the street took on both an eerie and somehow beautiful quality.  The snow was also covered in ice and somewhat resembled the snow on Duncan’s Snow Village pieces: perfectly smooth and glossy.

We set up the fireplace in the Library for our guests to enjoy, although we armed them with a flashlight just in case.  Fortunately, they didn’t need it.

This morning we woke to fresh snow falling, covering the ice which was covering the snow.  It’s been a long winter already.

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