We’ve had a busy and fun-filled summer thus far.  Like much of the rest of the country, Hudson is experiencing one of the hottest summers people can remember.  It makes us, and our guests, glad to have air conditioners throughout the inn. Even with the heat so many of our guests have been enjoying the shade of the covered back porch and the tranquil setting of the fountain patio.  There’s nothing like returning to The Croff House on a warm afternoon after a full day of sightseeing, shopping or touring the county to enjoy a frosty glass of lemonade or iced tea and relaxing.

Guests often ask us what our busiest time of year is, and we have a difficult time answering that because The Croff House seems busy year-round.  Winter provides the perfect backdrop for those looking for a romantic escape from daily life.  Spring brings guests looking for some fresh air after being cooped up.  Summer brings vacationers from all over the world coming to Hudson for a family wedding, visiting to Olana or one of the many historic sites in the area, or simply exploring the Hudson Valley.  Then there’s the Fall.

What a beautiful time of year in Hudson Autumn is.  The colors changing daily.  The air turning cooler, with crisp mornings and chilly evenings.  And the apples!  There are apples everywhere you look in so many varieties it’s hard to name them all.  Apples for baking.  Apples for canning.  Oh yes, apples for eating.  The smell of apples on some days perfumes the air.   At the inn we take advantage of the apple bounty and incorporate apples in our daily menus: spiced apples, apple french toast, and pancakes with apple butter to name a few.  There’s always a basket of fresh apples in the Living Room as well for random snacking.  Yes, Fall is a great time of year to visit The Croff House.

Maybe we’ll see you here?