With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of fresh fruits and vegetables a farm stands throughout Columbia County.  One of our favorites is Eger Brothers, which always has freshly picked items throughout the season.  Last weekend we picked up 16 (yes, ) quarts (yes, quarts) of their own strawberries.  Gorgeously red and deliciously ripe, these berries were destined both for breakfasts at the inn and, more importantly, to go into a plethora of jams and preserves.  What made these berries special was their natural size and sweetness, unlike some berries you buy at the local big box grocery store.

Eger Brothers' stunning berries

Three of the 22 quarts

We ended up picking up six more quarts – to make it a total of 22.  So what did these berries become…Strawberry Jam (of course), Strawberry Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Jalapeno Salsa, Strawberry Peach Preserves, Strawberry Ginger Jam, Triple Berry Jam (joined by raspberries and blueberries) to name a few.  And we still have 5 quarts to go…

Did I mention the 10 pounds of beets?  More to come.