As 2008 drew to a close and 2009 began progress continued at the inn.  

We were very excited to get our online reservation capability up and running.  Guests can now check our availability and book a reservation on our website.  We have already taken several reservations for the upcoming summer, which means we need to stick to our timeline in order to open as planned.  On a snowy Sunday afternoon we went furniture shopping and purchased all the furniture for the Dining Room, Library and Living Room as well as several occasional chairs for the guest rooms.  All of this was in addition to the beds which were ordered previously.

Hudson was hit with several snow and ice storms slowed but we forged on.  The goal was to get the plumbing and electrical “rough-ins” completed and inspections passed.  As the better part of the old paint and wallpaper were being removed we also needed to address the plaster damage that, over the life of the house, had never really been properly repaired.  Plaster work began with some minor and some major work in all areas of the House.  Some sheetrock walls were put up as well, especially in Edmonds, giving a good feel for what the final room will look like.

Over the next two weeks we expect a great deal of progress including the application of an eco-friendly soy-based insulation for both temperature stabilization and sound buffering throughout the house. Installation of the high-efficiency “on-demand” hot water systems and sheetrock for each of the showers is also planned for the next few weeks.

Below you’ll find the latest pictures of the progress mentioned above.  Check back in a couple of weeks and I’m sure you’ll see even more.